Where are the crisps update

So where are the crisps at?!

We know you've probably been wondering why you still can't yet order our radically tasty Salad and Curry Crisps, when we very nearly re-launched back in July. So we thought it was time for an honest update about what's been happening.

When we began, our crisps were too popular

Last year we made a tremendously successful debut (as Satisfied Snacks) with our crisps even being sold in Wholefoods. So much so that we couldn't keep up with demand and kept selling out both instore and online -which definitely wasn’t sustainable.

We had to come up with a better way to make our tasty crisps.

It took some time, and a lot of brain power, but eventually we cracked it. We can now create the same air-dried (never fried, not baked nor popped) crunchy crisps, only now 95% faster than before!

And because our crisps aren't like other crisps in the world: being made from entirely fresh and dried natural ingredients, the process we designed to scale-up the production couldn't just come from standard crisp production machinery. So we literally had to build our own equipment to make it happen. And as you can imagine, with all that, some of the machinery tweaks just took a lot longer than expected to get right.

So we're bringing you a new brand, new packaging, new flavours and new machinery

Heather and Michaela have been working around the clock to tweak and improve each of the flavours whilst also learning how Bosch car wiper blade motors can be used to dry crisps, and what pulse wave modulated (PWM) motor speed controllers are. Meanwhile Hannah has been busy building the new Marvin's Brand, the packaging, the website and more.

And as if that wasn't enough...

Because we do love a challenge. We have also developed and produced the (world's first) plastic-free fully recyclable crisp packets. Oh and in case you were wondering, yes we built the machinery for that too!

With all that you'll be pleased to hear

We really are very nearly ready to rock and roll on our new equipment and are just a few nibbles away from getting our crisps back in your hands.

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