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Here at Marvins HQ, we're on a mission to combat food waste by transforming wonky bread and pastry into delightful, crunchy snacks. Embrace sustainability with our delicious products, where every bite makes a positive impact on both your taste buds and the environment.

Waste not, Want not, grab a bag of Crackles!

Why we created Crackles

Each year, an alarming 750 million tons of edible food waste finds its way to landfills or animal feed. Recognising this staggering impact on our environment and climate, we embarked on a journey to convert this surplus into delicious, nutritious snacks. Our aim is to offer companies a sustainable and valuable alternative, challenging the conventional methods they currently employ.

Dr. Heather Daniell Ph.D., our founder, has meticulously designed, developed, and patented a revolutionary process to achieve this goal. At LoGi, we advocate for informed snack choices. We want individuals to relish their snacks while knowing they're contributing to a positive change in the world, aligning their choices with sustainability.

Yet, our aspirations extend beyond offering healthier options. As a small, independent company, our focus lies not only in promoting health and well-being but also in delivering refreshingly honest and irresistibly flavourful snacks.

Join us in reshaping the narrative around food waste. At Marvins, we're committed to crafting snacks that aren't just exceptionally tasty but also demonstrate our dedication to sustainability and making a difference, one snack at a time.

Welcome to Marvins, where our mission propels us forward: transforming circular, nutritious ingredients into delectable products accessible to all. We're driven by a passionate resolve to minimise resource use and enhance nutrition while leaving a positive imprint on the world.

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© 2022 Marvins.